Project Background

Over the past years, many Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Green Groups have raised concerns on the use of hazardous chemicals in the clothing and textile industries. Both governments and global fashion brands have therefore identified those hazardous chemicals as restricted substances and imposed regulations on restricting to use these chemicals during manufacturing processes. Due to insufficient resources and knowledge, it is difficult for SME manufacturers to identify those hazardous chemicals by their own during procurement.

In order to support the industries, an online e-learning platform for Chemical Management System (CMS) is developed to enhance the knowledge of the clothing and textile manufacturers for developing their own CMS.

This project is supported by SME Development Fund from Trade & Industry Department (TID) of HKSAR Government, organised by the Federation of Hong Kong Garment Manufacturers and implemented by Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA).

This platform aims to assist the clothing and textile manufacturers in:

  • Developing their own Chemical Management System (CMS)
  • Understanding national regulations on hazardous chemicals
  • Understanding and Interpreting Restricted Substance List (RSL) & Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL)
  • Understanding and Interpreting Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Developing good practice of RSL compliance
  • Learning chemical audits and the related technical terms
  • Self-assessment on their own CMS
  • Improving treatment of chemical wastes and wastewater

In this connection, CMS e-platform comprises features as follows:

  • CMS Assessment
    This online assessment allows users to have self-evaluations on the chemical management performances in their factories. Suggestions and tailor-made manual for improving chemical management performance will be generated for users once assessment is completed.
    Click here to start doing CMS Assessment.
  • Implementation Manual
    This step-by-step manual is prepared by Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA) to assist users in developing their own Chemical Management System (CMS). Contents of the manual are based on requirements from global fashion brands, national regulations in Hong Kong and in China on hazardous chemicals, ZDHC chemical audit requirements and other guidelines related to occupational safety and health.
    You may read the manual here
  • CMS Videos
    10 animation videos are prepared for users to learn basic concepts and technical terms related to CMS.
    Click here to start watching videos.
  • Events
    Seminars and workshops are arranged for delivering knowledge and skills of applying CMS. Participants from the clothing and textile industry are welcome to join.
    Go here for schedule of the next seminar or workshop.
  • Resources
    Many resources are available online for further understanding on chemical management.
    Click here to start reading them.

We welcomed all comments and will continuously develop this online platform. Hope you enjoy the experience here!

Last modified: Thursday, 18 May 2017, 9:31 AM